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winter tyres

Be ready for Winter driving with the TyreShop

We stock a large range of Winter Tyres for all makes and models, offering greater control and safer handling once things get a bit chilly.


In conditions below 7°C, winter tyres are more efficient than summer tyres and offer greater traction and handling as well as shorter braking distances which all add up to safer driving on cold, icy, slippery roads.

This is because the rubber compound used in winter tyres differs to summer tyres, containing more rubber which prevents it from hardening, allowing the tyre to remain fexible in freezing winter temperatures. As well as the rubber compound the grooves on the tread pattern are wider and deeper giving greater grip on snow and ice and on wet roads in cold winter conditions

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  • Greater Handling
  • Improved Grip on Slippery Roads
  • Reduced Braking Distances
  • Improved Stability and Control
  • Safer Winter Driving
summer tyres v winter tyres
winter tyre stopping distance chart


At the TyreShop we recommend fitting winter tyres between
October to March when temperatures regularly drop below 7°C
when driving conditions can become more hazardous.

Even in cold wet conditions having winter tyres fitted will greatly
reduce the chance of aquaplaning and reduce braking distances.
Once fitted we recommend that you regularly check your winter
tyres in the same way you would summer tyres, ensuring correct
inflation and checking tread depth and overall condition.

The TyreShop is one of the trusted retailers of winter tyres
in London offering the best quality winter tyres at competitive prices.

Need a set of Winter tyres?, call us on 0208 531 2300