Using the latest alignment equipment, you can trust the TyreShop to align your car correctly.


Your car’s wheel alignment refers to the angle and direction at which the tyres are set, which plays a vital role in providing optimum vehicle handling and to maximise the life of the tyres. Incorrect alignment can result in poor road handling, irregular tyre wear and an increase in fuel consumption, all problems that can be easily rectified with a quick and easy alignment test.

Here at The TyreShop we have invested in the very latest state-of-the-art Wheel alignment equipment by Hunter the industry leader in alignment and we are the ONLY tyre shop in Europe to have 2 Hunter Wheel Alignment ramps! Should you have an issue with your vehicle’s alignment, rest assured our expert technicians will be able to diagnose and and reset your alignment as per the manufacturer’s original specifications.

If you notice any steering wheel pull to the left or right or uneven tyre wear your wheels may need to be aligned.


Improves your Vehicles Handling
Increases the Life of Your Tyres
Improves Driving Safety
Help maximise Fuel Efficiency


A good question! We recommend that you check your alignment every 12,000 - 15,000 miles, once a year or when you have new tyres or steering and suspension parts fitted. It is not always obvious to diagnose misalignment especially if it is slight, so here are some classic signs and causes to look out for:


  • Steering Wheel pulls to the left or right whilst driving or under braking.
  • Irregular or uneven tyre wear.
  • Crooked steering wheel position, even when driving straight.


  • Everyday driving, with factors such as hitting potholes or kerbing.
  • Worn Steering or suspension parts.
  • Vehicles Alignment may have been wrongly adjusted previously.

If your vehicle suffers with any of the problems shown, then give us a call to arrange a quick and easy wheel alignment test on 0208 531 2300

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